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Executive & Management

William Yoachim
Executive Director

Rikki_Wylie copy.jpg

Rikki Wylie

Prevention Services Manager

Terri-Lynn Yoachim

Practice Manager

C 250-668-4885


Chantel Nelson
Office Manager/
Executive Assistant

Jacqueline Beaulieu copy.jpg

Jacqueline Beaulieu
Finance Manager

Career Opportunities


Kw'umut Lelum is a great place to start or grow your career in human services.  


We are always interested in receiving new resumes and letters from interested applicants.  Kw'umut Lelum employs delegated social workers, family support workers, program and project staff, administrative and leaders.  


Please feel free to send a letter expressing interest along with a resume to Maria Kerman, Human Resources.






Jean Thompson

Finance Clerk

Maria Kerman

Human Resources


Chelsa Clements

Finance Clerk


Jennifer Holstein

Communications and Information Officer

Emily Simpson

Communications Administrator

Lee w copy.jpg

Lee Wittmann

Community Engagement

C 250-616-9384



Kora Wyse

Supervisor Admin Services
C 250-713-4163

Gloria Wesley

Team Assistant

Shawna copy.jpg

Shawna Jacobs

Reception, Centre Street

Carli Rey

Team Assistant

Paula Hamilton.jpeg

Paula Hamilton

Senior Admin Coordinator

Bonni Mitchell copy.jpg

Bonni Mitchell

Team Assistant

Marianne Wadhams
Team Assistant Guardianship

C 250-816-6773

Crystal White.jpg
Sabrina Wesley 2020.jpg

Sabrina Wesley

Prevention Assistant

Stephanie Harris

Team Assistant/ Reception

Cindy Williams

Team Assistant Duncan

Crystal White 

Administration Support


Gina-Mae Harris.jpeg

Gina-Mae Harris

Team Lead 

C 250-713-9230

Melissa Dawson 

Kinship Worker

C 250-713-3440

Tunisha Baines

Acting Team Lead

C 250-616-7636

Cynthia copy.jpg

Cynthia Kopp

Si'ye'yu Kinship Worker 

C 250-616-3807

Iona Harris

Kinship Worker 

C 250-713-9726

Adena McCallum copy.jpg

Adena McCallum

Si'ye'yu Kinship Worker

C 250-668-9421

Jennah Hadden

Si'Ye'Yu Kinship Worker

C 250-714-2905

Lynne Mungiovi

Si'ye'yu Kinship Worker

C 250-816-6898


Monica Johnny

Si'Ye'Yu Kinship Worker

C 250-268-4533


Crystal Adams

Team Lead 

C 250-816-1316

Nikki Brock

Guardianship Social Worker

C 250-668-5602


Rhonda Gummow

Guardianship Social Worker

C 250-713-9820

Tianna DellaRosa.jpeg

Tianna DellaRosa

Guardianship Social Worker


Janay copy.jpg

Janay Foulkes

Guardianship Social Worker

C 250-713-0436


Sarah Georgica copy (1).jpg

Sarah Georgica 

Guardianship Worker


Patricia Thomas

Team Lead 

C 250-713-9260

Leanor Hampton
Le’lumilh Social Worker

C 250-713-4715

Viviane Paul 

Le'lumilh Social Worker

C 250-816-6901


Child Safety & Collaborative Planning Team

Nicole Charlie.jpeg

Nicole Charlie

Team Lead

C 250-616-8154


Samarah Rivers copy.jpg

Samarah Rivers

Child Safety Social Worker

Tristan Varga.jpeg
Theresa Seymour.jpeg

Tristan Varga

Child Safety Social Worker

Marina King 2.jpeg

Theresa Seymour 

Child Safety Social Worker

Marina King

Child Safety Social Worker

Aaron Moore

Child Safety Social Worker

C 250-713-4517

Family Support and Child and Youth Care

Eli w copy.jpg

Aaron White

Team Lead 

C 250-713-9320


Eli Wyse

Outreach Worker

C 250-668-3534

Melissa Pirart copy_edited.jpg

Melissa Pirart

Child and Youth Care Worker


Mateo Kostering 

Child and Youth Care Worker 

C 250-816-1646

Alaia White.jpeg

Alaia White 

Family Support Worker

Kandyce Nordli.jpeg

Kandyce Nordli  

Family Support Worker

+1 (250) 741-4034

Hamilton Seymour copy (1).jpg

Hamilton Seymour

Child & Youth Worker

Urban Services - Duncan

Sarah Thorne

Team Lead

C 250-268-5050

Corina George.jpg

Corina George 


Meghan Wastkin Staff Photo copy.jpg
Nicola Loiselle copy.jpg

Cher White

Child Safety Social Worker

C 250-713-6027

Nicola Loiselle

Wellness Clinician


Meghan Watkins

Child Safety Social Worker

Fiona Duncan Staff Photo RETAKE.png

Fiona Duncan 

Child and Youth Care Worker 

Amanda Sylvester Staff Photo copy.jpg

Amanda Sylvester 

Family Support Worker

Justin Watkins copy (1).jpg

Justin Watkins 

Child Safety Social Worker

Stacey Seymour Staff Photo copy.jpg

Stacy Seymour

Guardianship Worker

Corey Sylvester

Cultural Permanency Worker

4 Seasons Early Years

Bonnie Williams

Senior Prevention Programs Coordinator

C 250-714-4815

Michelle Antione.jpeg

Michelle Antoine 

Duncan Early Years Outreach


Jennifer Sam

Team Support

Lottie Cook Staff Photo.jpeg
Desiree Harris copy.jpg

Desiree Harris 

Stz'uminus Early Years Outreach


Breana Curnow 3.jpeg

Lottie Cook 

Penelakut Early Years Outreach


Breana Curnow

Early Years Coordinator


Kerry Semour Backdrop.jpeg

Kerry Seymour 

Early Years AIDP Worker


4 Seasons of Culture

Cecelia Harris

Team Lead

C 250-668-0737


Julie Rice-Wyse

Cultural Coordinator

Jordana Seymour copy.jpg

Jordana Seymour

Cultural Coordinator

Frankie Shaw

Canoe Life/Cultural Coordinator

C 250-616-8355


William Johnny.jpeg

William Johnny

Cultural Coordinator

Debbie Good

Cultural Projects

Jade Johnny.jpeg

Brandon White


C 250-713-7738

Jade Johnny

Cultural Coordinator

Wellness Program

Holly Mclarty

Team Lead

C 250-616-3241

Wanda Good

Indigenous Women's Wellness

C 250-668-2402


Chris Arnett

Recreation Therapist

C 250-713-4823


Amy Heald

Wellness Clinician 

C 250-713-4157


Neil White

Indigenous Men's Wellness 

C 250-668-0150

Stan Matthew.jpeg

Stan Matthew

Wellness Clinician 

C 250-713-4157


Melinda Sinclair.jpeg

Melinda Sinclair 

Wellness Clinician


Step-Up Program

Tim Harris

Team Lead

C 250-668-3142


Meagan Hiebert

Step-Up Support

C 250-668-5417

Troy Brooks

Housing Lead 

C 250-802-2363


Ycha Gil

Education Coordinator/

Step-Up Support

C 250-729-8687


Sara Fulla.jpeg

Sara Fulla 

Step-Up Worker

Kaylie McKinley

Step Up Employment Support 

C 250-668-8410

Carly Foster.jpeg

Carly Foster 

Step-Up Worker

Shelby Smith

Step Up Worker

C 250-802-6485


Cultural Permanency Program

Gary Smith.jpeg

Gary Smith

Cultural Lead

C 250-713-0145

Jeanette Moreno

Cultural Permanency Worker

C 250-268-4534

Natasha Bob

Cultural Permanency Worker

C 250-802-6528


After Hours Program




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