Cultural Permanency Program


The Cultural Permanency Program (CPP) facilitates the transition of Aboriginal children currently in care, or those at risk of coming into care, to placements with their relatives, community members or those with whom they have a cultural connection.  CPP will identify, recruit and enhance Cultural Caregivers to support a safe, caring and appropriate family environment for children and youth placed in their home.  CPP will plan collaboratively with children, families, community members and our agency’s guardianship and resource social workers to create a seamless and integrated transition from “in care” placements into placements with Cultural Caregivers.



The Key Goal of the CPP is to stream those children who are unable to reside in their parental home into Cultural Care settings rather than foster care.


CPP will: 


  • Identify and recruit Cultural Caregivers to provide temporary and long term care for children currently in the care of Kwumut Lelum


  • Eliminate barriers that prevent Cultural Caregivers from providing safe, caring and enriching family environments for children placed in their home.


  • Provide direct assessment and outreach services to support the successful transition and ongoing stability of children in care to Cultural Caregivers.