Guardianship Program


Kw'umut Lelum's Guardianship Program delivers services to children and youth of its nine member Nations who are in long term, or continuing care.


The Guardianship Program has parental duties towards our children and youth and is responsible for their care, custody and guardianship.


Guardianship of our children and youth involves their physical care and decision-making responsibility concerning such areas as residential care placement, education, health and emotional and behavioral development.


The key decisions Family Service Social Workers make with supervisory approval is reflected in KL's Four Seasons Care Plan that is reviewed for each and every season ahead.


A cultural plan for our children and youth is central to their care and informs ALL decision making.


Our Guardianship Program consists of Social Workers, Cultural Workers and works closely with caregivers and their support system.


They each play a vital role in keeping the child's/youth's needs and best interests at the heart of planning and decision making while respecting their right to live with dignity.


Children, Culture, Community


All Kw'umut Lelum programs and services place children in the centre of their culture and community by drawing on cultural experts, elders and community leaders to activey participate in program planning and delivery.


Kw'umut Lelum programs are rich with Coast Salish language, tradition and teachings.