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We are proud of our families and communities who put in the work to make sure that our xe’ xe’ smun’eem remain with their parents or extended family.


For those who do come into temporary or continuing care, our Guardianship workers are responsible for their care, custody and guardianship.  They ensure that each child or youth has a plan of care that supports their cultural and family connection, their education, health and emotional and behavioral development, and finding a permanent home out of care.


Everyone involved in the child or youth’s care – including family and caregivers – has a voice in developing these plans, and an obligation to help see them carried out in the best interest of the child.


Children, Culture, Community


All Kw'umut Lelum programs and services place children in the centre of their culture and community by drawing on cultural experts, elders and community leaders to activey participate in program planning and delivery.


Kw'umut Lelum programs are rich with Coast Salish language, tradition and teachings.



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