Four Seasons Early Years


4 Season Early Years (4SEY) is an innovative program bringing together key partners with the communities they serve to focus on enhancing early childhood development, school readiness and overall family health and wellness for First Nations preschool children (birth to six years old) on reserve.  4SEY provides proven early intervention strategies so that First Nations children develop a positive sense of themselves, a desire for learning, and successes to build upon and carry them into adulthood.  


We offer Family Gatherings on a drop-in basis with programming for both parents and children


Our Family Gatherings bring families together to share and learn both typical (mainstream) and traditional parent skills. We gather in a circle to support and teach one another so that we can best prepare our children to walk in the two worlds and, whenever possible, we have a local Nation Elder/knowledge keeper to help guide us in our group sessions.  Our program topics and activities are based on the 4 traditional seasons.


Children are provided with opportunities to learn and play together in a group and along with their parents/caregivers.


Four Season Early Years Programs

For any questions about the programs, please contact the 4SEY team at 250-591-0933.



Four Seasons Developmental Domains for whole person wellness!


Culture and Language to provide children with a positive sense of themselves as First Nations people and build their knowledge of the Hulquminum language and culture.


Education to support and encourage First Nations children to enjoy life-long learning using a holistic early childhood development model (physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social development).


Health Promotion/Nutrition to encourage healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on developing self-care and wellness choices for life.  


Parent/Community Connection to support and involve parents as their children’s primary teachers, and provide learning opportunities to empower parents to grow as role models for their children.