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Four Seasons Early Years


Our Early Years Team uses Coast Salish teachings and a strength-based approach to support and guide parents with children ages 0 to 6 through difficult parenting challenges

Our 4 Seasons Early Years (4SEY) program enhances early childhood development and family health and wellness for preschool children ages 0-6. 

We offer a variety of opportunities for families – from online playgroups, to parenting courses and one-on-on outreach to strengthen our family circles and encourage play, exploration and discovery using both a traditional and mainstream approach.

We use Coast Salish teachings, songs, stories and language as well as a strong foundation in child development to help our young families prepare their children for success.


Four Seasons Developmental Domains for whole person wellness!


Culture and Language to provide children with a positive sense of themselves as First Nations people and build their knowledge of the Hulquminum language and culture.


Education to support and encourage First Nations children to enjoy life-long learning using a holistic early childhood development model (physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social development).


Health Promotion/Nutrition to encourage healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on developing self-care and wellness choices for life.  


Parent/Community Connection to support and involve parents as their children’s primary teachers, and provide learning opportunities to empower parents to grow as role models for their children.  




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