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Reporting Concerns

Recognize it. Report it. Prevent it.


Kw’umut Lelum, rooted in Snuw’uy’ulh, is directly mandated by member nations to safeguard the inherent right of our children to be protected from neglect and abuse, to thrive in a safe and healthy environment and strengthen cultural identities and family unity.


Anyone who has reason to believe that a child has been or is likely to be abused or neglected has a legal duty under the Child, Family and Community Service Act to report the matter.



Call the Helpline for Children at 310-1234 (no area code needed). This is a toll free number. It is a local telephone number anywhere in the province.


Call the Helpline when you have a concern about the safety and well-being of a child.


How to report

Report to a child protection social worker at Kw'umut Lelum Child and Family Services

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If the concern is not suring office hours than call the Helpline at 310-1234.


What to report

You need not have details or proof prior to calling. But you will be asked for as much information about the concern as you can provide.

This will include;

  • Your name and phone number (although you may call anonymously if you prefer)

  • relationship to child

  • any immediate concerns about the child's safety;

  • the location of the child;

  • he child's age;

  • information on the situation including all physical and behavioural indicators observed; information about the family, parents and alleged offenders;

  • the nature of the child's disabilities, if any;

  • the name of a key support person; other child(ren) who may be affected;

  • information about other persons or agencies closely involved with the child and/or family; and any other relevant information concerning the child and/or family such as language and culture.


After you report

The child protection social worker will:

  • determine if the child needs protection;

  • contact the police if a criminal investigation is required;

  • coordinate a response with other agencies, if necessary.


If a child is in immediate danger, police should be called to intervene and a child protection social worker should be contacted to determine whether the child is in need of protection.

Duty to Report


Under the Child and Family Services Act, anyone who believes a child may be in need of protection is required to report their concerns to a child welfare agency.


Community members have a duty to report their concerns in order to help protect children.


The Agency does not disclose the identity of the person who provides information.


The Agency is required to direct your concerns and also to report back to you the outcome of their investigation.


To use the Telephone Device for the Deaf, dial 1-866-660-0505

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