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Reporting Concerns

Recognize it. Report it. Prevent it.


Your concerns are important to us and could make a critical difference in the life of a child or young person.  Kw'umut Lelum has dedicated Intake staff to recieve your phone call or book you an appointment.  All matters will be treated with the greatest care and respect for confidentiality and safety for all. 


Report a child safety concern to Kw'umut Lelum















How and why to report suspected abuse or neglect:


Under the Child and Family Services Act, anyone who believes a child may be in need of protection is required to report their concerns to a child welfare agency.


Community members have a duty to report their concerns in order to help protect children.


Kw'umut Lelum does not disclose the identity of the person who provides information.


Kw'umut Lelum is required to direct your concerns and also to report back to you the outcome of our investigation.


To use the Telephone Device for the Deaf, dial 1-866-660-0505

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