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Wellness Program


Our Wellness team of counsellors and workers provide mental, physical and emotional health and wellness supports that is consistent with western treatment standards and Coast Salish Snuw’uy’ulh. 

Indigenous Men’s and Women’s Wellness

Our Coast Salish workers offer traditional approaches to healing and growth that empower children, youth and families.  Through one-on-one or group services, they can help with addictions, trauma, anger-management, self-esteem and personal empowerment by drawing on the powerful medicines handed down through our ancestors.

Recreation and Wellness

Working with our Nations, we offer recreational health programs that promote wellness and emotional development through physical activity and sport.  Whether it’s a family workout session, cycling, or getting out on the water in kayaks or canoes, or even just playing a family game of tag, moving our body’s benefits our mind, heart and spirit.

Clinical and Wellness Counselling

We have clinical counsellors who provide assessment and treatment for a range of mental and emotional health issues – from moderate to severe.  Using a trauma-informed approach, our workers offer education and support for children, youth and families from our Member Nations.

For More Information


Please Contact Us for more information on Kw'umut Lelum Wellness services, or any other service or events.

Or check our our list of events and programs here.

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