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Young Hero Honoured for Saving Family

Our community could have suffered a tragic loss if not for the quick-thinking and bravery of one young man. This past summer, a le’lumilh family of 13 from Nanaimo escaped a house fire with the help of 18-year old son Karim Cumming-Quennelle who discovered the fire and got his siblings out of the house safely. The fire, which began in the carport and quickly spread to the rest of the home, destroyed everything, but the entire family (including their cats and dogs) were unharmed.

On August 3rd, KL held a private ceremony for the family to come together, count our blessings and move forward together in a good way. With Nanaimo Fire Station’s Chief and Assistant Chief in attendance, we honoured Karim for his bravery and strength and for saving his family.

Cultural Worker Gary Smith honored the caregivers, son and Fire Chiefs through song and ceremony while the floor was open for all to speak. Karim’s values and selfless actions show a true spirit of generosity, and we raise our hands to this wonderful young man.

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