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Nan Uw Xexe Thu S’alh Sqwal

Our Language is Sacred

The ongoing impacts of colonization on Indigenous culture have resulted in a near eradication of the Hul’qumi’num language spoken by many of our Coast Salish Nations. Happily, recent efforts to revitalize the language in our homes and schools are encouraging a whole new generation of speakers to learn Hul’qumi’num and Kw’umut Lelum is doing our part to contribute. Our Culture Team has been developing and sharing beginner Hul’qumi’num language lessons in the form of short videos that can be accessed and shared by all.

Currently, the videos have featured Lawrence Mitchell and his children who narrate and pronounce words and phrases in Hul'qumi'num and English. The lessons use simple repetition and clear pronunciation to help new speakers get the hang of the language. The videos have included a wide range of themes including beginner greetings, days of the week, months of the year, counting, numbers and containers, animals, and ways to describe the day.

These videos have been uploaded and made available through KL’s YouTube channel. The advantage of having this library of Coast Salish teachings and knowledge is that it provides flexibility to view and learn Hul’qumi’num lessons at your leisure and learn at your own pace. It also expands opportunities for KL membership as well as non-KL members to learn together, to develop and strengthen connection to one another and to Coast Salish culture.

Future plans are to release quarterly Hul’qumi’num videos which reflect the four seasons, and provide teachings around duties and tasks associated with the seasons which reflects Coast Salish ways of being.

Interested in knowing more? If so, please subscribe now to the KL channel to receive notifications and access to these shareable teachings and culture.


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