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KL Helps Create Path for Ambitious 16 Year Old

Helping youth to realize their incredible potential is the ultimate goal of our Step Up program. And we are grateful to be able to walk beside one young woman in particular whose strength, intelligence and ambition are going to take her far!

Over the summer break, Cheverly Coleman (Wultathulwut) attended a 3-day KL Summer Camp at the Education Centre in Lake Cowichan where her energy and positive attitude landed her a job to mentor and support children and youth ages 9-12. Step up Worker, Carly Foster who has been working with Cheverly has been impressed with her exceptional growth and offered a job to build the young woman’s resume as well as to inspire her future goal to become a Child and Youth Care Worker.

“When I first met my Step up Worker Carly, she helped me find my voice, and gave me the tools to feel validated which helped my journey into independence. Carly helped me realize my skills I have and I hold to use in the future” Cheverly shares. “I was really nervous when Carly offered the job to me. I have never worked with children or youth before. It was good to step out of my comfort zone and get my foot in the door as I have always wanted to work with kids.” Shortly after starting her role, Cheverly was able to create some meaningful connections, not just with the youth but also with the adults. And she became a valuable asset in directing all of the camp activities throughout the weekend, providing many fun opportunities for the youth like capture the flag, swimming and paddling. “My ambition is to inspire and motivate kids, and this summer camp was a great way to connect with them and hopefully for them to walk away inspired.” Cheverly adds.

Her strong work ethic and self-motivation was noticed and appreciated by other staff at the camp. She delivered on any task asked of her, and was constantly surveying her surroundings and proactively making sure everything went smoothly. Chris Arnett, Wellness worker shares, “Cheverly helped to motivate the many youth as well as served as a wonderful role model for the youth girls in attendance.” Educator, Kyle Peruniak noted, “My favourite moment was watching Cheverly get back in the canoe which she purposely flipped only moments before. There is nothing quite like seeing a young person find the courage to overcome their fears and doubts.”

Working at the KL Summer Camp inspired Cheverly and she is looking forward to more experiences and opportunities to work with more children and youth. Chris Arnett adds “Chev brought an infectiously positive attitude to the whole group, and would be a top choice of mine for any future youth mentor positions, or summer internship for Kw’umut Lelum. Chev is a true leader and role model for our children and youth.”

We love to create opportunities for youth to shine – and we know that Cheverly will shine brightly indeed. Cheverly’s goal is to get her diploma in Child and Youth Care at Vancouver Island University or the University of British Columbia. In the mean time she attends secondary school while working part-time at the Husky and ESSO Gas station. KL is currently supporting Cheverly’s goal to graduate early so she can get a head start in her post-secondary schooling.

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