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KL Biggest Loser Initiative Creating Wellness in the Workplace

Since September 2022, more than 30 staff at KL have been participating in a 12-week wellness program that encourages us to adopt healthy lifestyle choices, including eating well and exercising.

Over the past two years, many of us have become more sedentary – Covid encouraged us to hunker down in our homes, and we found comfort in binge-watching Netflix while snacking on the couch. It was time for a change!

The Biggest Loser Challenge combined weekly exercise challenges, group support, health

and wellness education and a little healthy competition as we journeyed towards wellness together. We have shared healthy recipes, worked out on our lunch break (whether at the gym or just by going on a daily walk), and encouraged each other to make all the small changes needed to lose weight and stay active.

The program has been a clear success! In total, participants have lost nearly 300 pounds, and in 12 weeks have started to develop healthier eating habits and are making time to exercise consistently. Many of the participants are reporting feeling healthier, and more aware of how they move and what they eat. Here’s hoping the good habits we have formed over the past 3 months will stay with us into the new year and beyond!

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