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Family Fit Nights Extended on Penelakut Island

The Kw'umut Lelum Family Fit program on Penelakut is a major success thanks to incredible participation of local families. The five week health program started on July 28 and continues to September 22 with all sessions held at the soccer field - Tuesdays from 4:00 - 5:30pm. The exercise program is lead by Chris Arnett, KL Recreation Therapist and co-facilitated by Nicole Jack, Penelakut Child and Youth Worker.

From the outset the program was designed to be family friendly and adaptable for each participant's success and enjoyment. Each exercise circuit is continually modified and customized to meet each participant's movement capabilities. The goal: to get families with children moving and playing together and building healthy long-term fitness habits.

With COVID-19 safety protocols in mind, Chris sets up each workout station ensuring that every participant is exercising in their own two metre by two metre space. While upon arrival each participant is greeted, registered and provided hand sanitizer by Nicole prior to each workout.

Each week the participation numbers increased through word of mouth and frequent social media posts on our KL Recreation and Wellness Facebook Group. "Since starting we have seen close to a 1:1 parent to child ratio which is absolutely incredible" noted Chris, "Seeing parents with their kids enjoy healthy physical activity together is nothing short of heartwarming. We have also had participants record up to ten pounds of healthy weight loss through body composition change."

The participants endured the hot summer temperatures in August and were provided water and protein shakes in order to maintain their hydration and power through the challenging workouts.

The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and it is exciting to know that Kw'umut Lelum is providing such an influential program for families on Penelakut Island! We look forward to seeing you on the field working up a sweat and enjoying quality time with your family and ours.

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