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Coast Salish 101 Teaches Caregivers Specific Aspects of Coast Salish Culture

Friday, February 25th Cultural Permanency Worker, Natasha Bob hosted a Cultural Training Session on Stz’uminus Territory in which Trish (a current caregiver of 20 years) attended to learn about the specific aspects of Coast Salish Culture in an interactive session with Chief of Stz’uminus, Roxanne Harris, Eric Sampson, George Sr. and George Jr. The training session was then followed by a protocol at the Stz'uminus Community School where all grades got together to drum and dance.

“I am honored to be here on the Stz’uminus Territory today and to be attending this Cultural Training led by Natasha Bob. I really am appreciated as a caregiver to be able to connect to workers and Nation members who are so interested in making sure our children stay connected and are welcomed and embraced in their culture. For me as a caregiver, I appreciate that and being so welcomed in learning about Coast Salish Culture. – Caregiver, Trish.

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