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Cedar and Me Exploring our Relationship with X'pey

8 children and youth ages 6-18 gathered weekly at the Arts Collaborative in the Red Barn at Beban Park along with local artists and knowledge-keepers Dave Bodaly (Snuneymuxw) and Beau Wagner for KL's 4 Seasons of Culture program Cedar and Me.

Over the course of the summer, youth had the opportunity to learn different teachings around working with cedar: hearing stories to develop a higher understanding of how cedar has shaped our history and lives and getting hands-on experience in carving, weaving and canoe-craft.

All sessions started with a socially-distanced talking circle where youth were able to share what they learned together. The youth were able to carve mini paddles, canoes, and swords, wove cedar bracelets and took their canoes for a pull in the pond.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Dave and Beau whose work brings to life the Coast Salish ways of knowing and being for our xe' xe' smun'eem.

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