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Strong Bodies, Healthy Minds

Parents and children have been loving our 10-week registered program in Ladysmith called "Strong Bodies, Healthy Minds".

Each week, we gather at our Jones Road location and learn to cook a healthy meal together, and talk about the nutritional needs of children to develop into strong, healthy adults.

The main goal of the program is to give the parents the opportunity to be part of the change when it comes to preparing, cooking and sharing wholesome food to meet the nutritional needs of their families. This program can empower parents to practice healthy lifestyles through hands on cooking classes and the whole family can actively participate in the various exercise activities that we have built in.

From a cultural perspective, this is a community working together to learn how to; prepare healthy foods, share a meal together, incorporate traditional teachings into daily life, and exercise. This registered group hopes to empower parents & their children to practice healthy lifestyle, with an emphasis on developing self-care and wellness choices for life.

Strong Bodies Healthy Minds runs every Tuesday until the end of January.

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