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Hope and Health at Home Planning New Communities and Sports

Hope and Health at Home “H3” is making an impact across Coast Salish communities. Kw’umut Lelum proudly partners with Hope and Health to bring H3 to Penelakut, Stz’uminus and beyond. KL sponsored the initial pilot in 2017 and has been partnering alongside other funders, such as Nike7, to successfully implement this soccer-based community program. The 8-week program uses sport to develop and empower Indigenous children and youth to realize their limitless potential, on and off the pitch.

The parents and community champions report back to Hope and Health that:

“You don't need to be a soccer player or belong to a soccer team to enjoy the H3 program. Everything about the H3 program builds on a healthy lifestyle, having fun and playing in a safe environment.” -Community partner

“The H3 coaches bring out a lot of fun and inclusive games. We have 4 to 5 kids that don't like P.E, but they love being part of the H3 program, because they attend all the fun activities that go along with the H3 program” -Community partner

“This is my daughter’s first year participating, but this is the first real opportunity for sports activity time for a lot of the children, outside of school. Many children don’t have many opportunities to leave the island…so this is a great opportunity to get kids moving!” -H3 participant parent

The H3 program will continue to be offered in the originating communities of Stz’uminus and Penelakut, and is expanding to Halalt in December 2019 and Malahat in 2020. Additional sports are also under design with H3 basketball and H3 lacrosse to be piloted in 2020.

All H3 programs will have access to additional benefits of field trips to sporting and special events and being part of a global network, connected by Coaches Across Continents.

“Our future vision is to offer global sport and exchange opportunities for our coaches and participants to build on the potential of the network in place and the global sport for social impact movement that we are all a part of” says Hope and Health Director Deana Gill.

For more information about Hope and Health at Home, please visit the Hope and Health Facebook page or contact

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