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School Program Fuels Penelakut Children

Kw’umut Lelum’s Wellness and 4 Seasons of Culture Teams, in partnership with Penelakut School have implemented a new program to give the kids in the community a big healthy and fun dose of physical activity!

"School Fuel" brings all the students together to participate in healthy physical activity and to help prepare a nutritious communal meal for the whole group to enjoy together at the end of the school day. Each Monday, our staff takes on the physical education classes for the school, providing fundamental skills in physical coordination. Different children are selected each week to help in the kitchen, learning to cook a meal that will sustain them and their classmates - we have made spaghetti, chili, even chicken fried rice! The recipes are being gathered in an easy-to-follow cookbook that they can take home with them at the end of the program.

The ultimate focus for this program is to give these students and community kids a stable place to move their bodies, and fill them with some nutrient dense food right at the beginning of the week to “fuel” them for success and a great week of school to help enhance their learning and physical activity demands.

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