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Community Feasts Connect Staff and Families

When we talk to the people in our communities, informally at programs and events, or as part of our engagement process through surveys or talking circles, we often hear that members are looking for more opportunities to come together in a good way. To celebrate culture and togetherness in a positive environment. To share a meal and a conversation in a safe and accepting space. To find out more about what Kw’umut Lelum is actually doing to help support the families in our communities.

Responding to this need, Kw’umut Lelum hosted a series of community feasts across 7 of our 9 member Nations in May. We worked with the Nations as partners to help find the right space and time to hold these events, and to help us get the word out to the communities. We asked our entire 4 Seasons Team – Wellness, Culture and Early Years to come out and meet with families, and to provide some fun cultural and recreational activities for families.

We were really honoured by the incredible response from families – more than 400 people came out to meet with us and to share a meal. We had some great conversations and heard more about what our families need, want and expect. We made connections and shared information about our new and exciting programs for wellness, culture and recreation including Canoe Life, weekly men’s groups, soccer drop-ins, parenting groups, teen girl programs, drumming and carving and so much more.

“We appreciate the services and introduction of the KL Wellness Team, we appreciate native and non-native staff working together, it is great to build relationship over a meal, receiving information and visiting together.” - Community Member

KL staff is grateful to the families who took the time to come out and eat with us. We want to thank everyone who helped make these events possible. And we are excited to start putting some of your great programming ideas into action! We know that each community has different needs, and we will be working closely with the Nations and with families themselves to make sure we put the right programs in place to realize our vision of strong families and healthy communities.

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