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Joining Two Houses: KL and Tillicum Work Together for Families

This November, Kw’umut Lelum and Tillicum Lelum entered into an agreement that will help to provide enhanced and integrated services for Indigenous children and families in Nanaimo.

With Kw’umut Lelum’s recent expansion to provide services off reserve in Nanaimo, Parksville and Duncan, being able to connect families and children to supportive programming is crucial - like supervised family visits, youth housing, housing for new mothers, and early childhood development. Tillicum Lelum has a reputation for quality services that directly address the unique cultural and social needs of the urban Aboriginal population in Nanaimo and collaboration between the two agencies will help families to access needed services quickly and efficiently.

The agreement establishes our two agencies, who together have 75 years of collected experience helping Aboriginal families, as S'Qa'shintul I' Tsi'tsuwatul: “Those who are walking with and helping each other”.

Says Bill Yoachim: “We recognize that our children and our families will be stronger, our communities will be healthier, if we can work together towards a common goal. This partnership supports the inherent right and responsibility of the Nations for the social wellbeing and safety of their children.”

With a vision of keeping families together, of lifting up and supporting parents and children who are struggling, and doing both in a way that honours our culture and traditions, Kw’umut Lelum and Tillicum Lelum can build strong families together.

“Our families and our children should be able to access the services they need regardless of where they live. Aboriginal people living in urban centres like Nanaimo should be able to be as connected to their family, their culture and to services that respect their traditions, as those living in community”.

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