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Tribal Journey Diaries - Part 9 - Muckleshoot Jam Session

Our trip found us at the shores of the Muckleshoot tribe, another glorious voyage across sacred ancestral waters. With the sun glistening atop the waters, the wind on our face and the waters beneath us we were on top of the world.

Life is beautiful and has provided us with blessings of all kinds, individually and collectively, we all rise to the occasion when it calls upon us.

We all went to dinner at the Elders’ facility and had great feast with people from all walks of life, up and down the entire coast and as far away as Alaska and New Zealand.

Tonight’s ceremony was a jam session, which is an open floor for any person or family to come forward and sing a few songs. Groups of canoe families coming together as one and all, sharing, singing and dancing. Our KL family always welcomes the opportunity to shine on the floor; tonight was no different. We emanate strength and discover new awareness by learning to sing and dance with other canoe families.

As we near the end of our journey, we are developing a mastery of skills, and an increased sense of belonging. This is feeding into our independence, and brings out the best of our generosity. We are truly in a time of great transformation

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