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Wisdom of the Canoe: Tribal Journey Diaries

From July 16th to August 1st, the Kw’umut Lelum canoe family travels from Kulleet Bay in Stz’uminus all the way to Puyallup in Washington State. This Journey takes us along the watery highway of our ancestors, in a cedar canoe carved by Luke and John Marston with help from our own KL youth. Each day we stop in a new territory, arriving as friends on the shores of different Nations, growing in number as we are joined by more and more canoe families along the route. KL’s Cultural Coordinator, Lawrence Mitchell has been an integral part of the voyage - from the early planning and preparation to support on the voyage itself. Here Lawrence shares with us his personal observations and thoughts at each stop along the way.

Part 1: On the Road

Part 2: The Departure

Part 3: A New Record

Part 4: Rough Seas

Part 5: Finding Our Power

Part 6: Out of The Shell

Part 7: The Swinomish Bighouse

Part 8: Tulalip Nights – Regaining our Strength

Part 9 - Muckleshoot Jam Session

Part 10 – Riding the Waves into Puyallup

Check back in the days to come for more parts of this exciting journey.

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