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Tribal Journey Diaries - Part 8: Tulalip Nights – Regaining our Strength

July 24 – Swinomish to Tulalip

After a long gruelling pull across the waters we reach our neighbours in Tulalip. The hot days, hard pulls, and long nights of singing and dancing still mesmerizes our youth.

As with everything in life there must be balance; when participating in so much culture and giving away so much in such a short timeframe we must remember to take care of ourselves. But more important is the idea of down time and introspection as self-reflection is an important aspect in our growth.

It was a tough choice but one we feel is right, as we decided to forgo tonight’s protocol session and go to bed early. Our circle that night was a meaningful one that touched on all these points and more. The kids were up and down about it, but this break will make a big difference, and give them strength for the long haul on the water tomorrow.

Even though we weren’t participating, being serenaded by the singing and drumming soothes the aches and pains away as the drums are loud and the songs are the medicine that help recharge our minds hearts and spirits.

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