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Tribal Journey Diaries - Part 4: Rough Seas

July 18 – Cowichan to Tsawout

As with every journey of self-discovery comes more challenges than the mind and heart can handle. At times you become the challenge and can’t even recognize a way through, until the culture pulls you through each and every emotion you need to experience. Then by some magical force you're on the other side of the mountain you thought would be impossible to climb. The surge of spiritual and emotional hardship goes back into ease like the tide ebbing and flowing

The Kwumut Lelum canoe family is no different, we’ve went against everything the world can throw at us, pitting us against our own selves at times, but it just muddies the waters for a short period of time and we can see clearly again. Our strength and resilience at times need to shed tears, fears, and shake us down to the core, so that our culture can rebuild us in magical ways.

Another Perspective by Tricia Thomas

I caught the support boat with the KL Canoe Family from Cowichan Bay to Tsawout. There were heavy winds out on the water. The Coast Guard came to assist the canoe family and were ready to rescue if conditions worsened.

Once the canoe family made it to safety at a dock near the end of Salt Spring Island, the Coast Guard transported the canoe family back to the support boat. Everyone was cold from the waves crashing over the sides of the canoe and we made sure everyone had blankets to keep warm. The kids were in good spirits once we got warmed up and we played a game of charades together to pass the time as we travelled to Tsawout in the support boat.

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