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Tribal Journey Diaries - Part 2: The Departure

July 16th – Kulleet Bay to Shell Beach

The sun was shining, the kids were smiling, and uy shqwalawun filled the air as we embarked on day one of our 15 day paddle. The kids were up bright and early ready to take the waters, and everyone readied to pull together in more ways than one. Our 41-foot cedar canoe, Lhqel' ts' qixune' tun, glistened off the waters as we made our way through the sacred waters of Stz’uminus towards our first landing at Shell Beach.

Our family took the protocol floor in Stz’uminus for the first night of our journey. We sang our hearts out to five of our strongest songs and dances. As we felt the great hospitality of the Stz’uminus people their goodness filled us up and nourished us to perform with all our hearts for a beautiful crowd.

Everyone in camp has been pitching in to help set up the gym and clean up after the festivities: showcasing their level of respect for the host territory. As the day wound down the kids were cleaning up camp and readying for day 2 on to Cowichan Tribes. We are off to a great start with emotions high, heads higher on the highway of our ancestors.

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