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Tribal Journey Diaries - Part 5: Finding Our Power

July 21 – Birch Bay to Lummi

As the days go by our bodies, minds and spirits feel the wear and tear of long hard pulls against the waves, the currents and the winds. Not to mention the sweltering heat all taking its toll on everyone. On the shores of the Lummi Nation, we were joined by a dozen other canoe families and greeted by beautiful people and songs, and hundreds of smiling faces; it all starts making sense.

We were able to soothe the hearts and minds with a little drumming, singing and dancing. Despite their exhaustion, our Kw’umut Lelum youth started the Lummi jam session, showing their great strength, youthful spirit and awe inspiring talent.

The highlight of this night was the fact that our youth were vying for the spotlight by singing their hearts out and dancing as if they were floating in the skies.

It was as if the older youth and the younger youth were in a friendly face off, each trying to belt out their favourite songs. Amongst the West Shore canoe family and the Puyallup canoe family our youth stole the show and the hearts of everyone in the audience. Song after song, dancing the night away it was an amazing and remarkable experience that lit up the Lummi nation shores.

The true power that resonates deep within our children surfaced to show their inner beauty and what makes them special. A night that provided memories of a lifetime.

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