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Kids Connect Through Music and Dance

Nanaimo arts organization Crimson Coast Dance Society offered a unique opportunity for Kw’umut Lelum’s children this past weekend as they were invited to participate in an exploration of self through music and movement.

The workshop, Exploring Four Directions, was an interactive demonstration of exploring sounds, using our voices, and moving our bodies. It was facilitated by Cree composer Andrew Balfour who was himself one of the children caught up in the 60’s Scoop. Raised in an Anglican household, Andrew did not connect to his own cultural roots until much later in life. He shared his personal story with the children, encouraging them to explore and embrace their own culture and identity.

This was clearly a moving message for our children and brought home to our staff and caregivers the crucial importance of giving our children the gift of their culture, community and family.

We raise our hands to Andrew for his teachings, and to Crimson Coast for making this opportunity available to our children.

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