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Kw’umut Lelum partners with Tillicum Lelum to deliver Aboriginal Literacy program

Over 7 weeks in March and April, Stz’uminus families participated in a fantastic program designed to help support early literacy skills for Aboriginal children ages 0-6.

Walking With Elders provides cultural teachings while promoting skill development in young children, with a specific focus on language. The program brings together elders, parents and children to play, teach and learn. Kw’umut Lelum’s 4 Seasons Early Years team partnered with Tillicum Lelum to help bring this opportunity to our families in Stz’uminus and to see if this might be a valuable program to bring to our other member nations in the future.

We know that something as simple as reading a book with our child can help them to develop language, reading and writing skills from a very early age. Even children who don’t yet know how to talk benefit from being read to on a daily basis. Walking With Elders is dedicated to raising awareness about Aboriginal literacy and building those key language skills from an early age.

Of course our focus is always on connecting children to culture – the program incorporates opening songs and prayers, crafts and activities that underscore the traditional values, and even provided a shared meal. Families came away with an understanding of how easy it can be to integrate culture, learning and fun into their everyday lives!

Our 4 Seasons Early Years team offers parenting and playgroups in most of our member Nations to enhance early childhood development, school readiness and overall family health and wellness for First Nations preschool children. Learn more here.

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