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Kwumut Lelum Receives BC Grant

The Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC has granted a total of $75,000 for eight projects in support of adoption and permanency in British Columbia. Kwumut Lelum is proud to be one of this year's recipients.

The $5000 grant will be used to develop culturally appropriate early-years programming for aboriginal children-in-care and their care-givers, and for recently reunited families. This will be integrated into our existing 4 Seasons Early Years programming. One of the goals of the Fund is to support "cultural permanency", particularly for BC's aboriginal children in care. Cultural permanency is a continued, constant connection to culture and heritage regardless of what else is changing in the life of a child or youth - and this grant will help to support that goal for the children in our communities.

We fully believe that every child in each of our communities deserves a safe and loving place that fosters their social, cognitive, and physical development while building a positive sense of self-worth as aboriginal people. We must provide services within our community that build the necessary skills and relationships to empower parents and caregivers to provide that cultural and relational permanency. Our Early Years Program, couched in the values and traditions of Coast Salish culture, meets a crucial need in the communities that we serve and helps us to support and maintain healthy families.

To learn more about our 4 Seasons Early Years Program, click here.

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