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Kw'umut Lelum moves back to Nanaimo

It has been more than a year since a fire in our Center Street offices required us to move all of our staff and services to Stz'uminus. We are very happy to report that all repairs have finally been made, and we will be moving our operations back into our Nanaimo offices over the Holidays. Beginning January 8th, we will be officially back in our old home! During the transition, you can continue to contact us at our usual phone number (which has not changed) 250-591-0933 .

We want to thank Nanaimo Fire Services for keeping us safe, all of our colleagues at the Ministry of Child and Family Development who offered us emergency workspace, and to Stz'uminus Nation for their warm welcome and temporary office space. We will continue to have a satellite office at our Jones Road location (the old Stz'uminus School) that will house our Cultural and 4 Seasons Early Years teams, but all other services will be moving back to Center Street as of January 8th.

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