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Drum making Workshop

On February 24th, KL kids were invited to participate in a drum-making workshop. This hands-on workshop was an opportunity not only to pass on important skills, but also for children in care to connect with their peers and learn about their language and protocols.

Elder George Seymour welcomed everyone to Stzuminus traditional territory and opened the workshop with a song. With guidance from presenter George Lewis, the children then set to work making their drums. One young boy was excitedly pulling sinew through the elk hide with his legs kicking in his chair and a big smile on his face. Another girl was finished her drum and generously helped others who were struggling with the task. We finished our workshop with a meal and the children left in good spirits.

Each child took home a drum, along with the lesson that, when we take care of our belongings, we take care of ourselves. They also took home a sense of pride in their accomplishments and in their unique culture and sense of self.

Two drums were set aside for children in our community who are coping with the recent loss of their mother.

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