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Meet the Co-Captains!

Starting on Oct 21st Kw'umut Lelum is hosting 3 workshops called Cultivating Captains, that will help our children (in care and in our community) to learn leadership skills alongside their peers. These workshops will be held by former Vancouver Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit and Olympic gold medal skier Ashleigh MacIvor.

Jay DeMerit has been Captain to both Watford Football Club in England and the Vancouver Whitecaps here in BC over an eleven year professional career. His story of big dreams, hard work, perseverance, and the value of a positive attitude has recently been brought to the big screen in a documentary called Rise and Shine: the Jay Demerit Story. Ashleigh MacIvor is a Canadian skicross Olympic Champion currently residing in Whistler and Vancouver, BC. As the first gold medal winner of women's skicross in its Olympic debut at the 2010 Winter Games, Ashleigh battled back from countless injuries to eventually become a dominant force on the World Cup circuit and at the X Games, before claiming her World Championship victory to qualify for the Olympic Games in her home town. As premier athletes, both Ashleigh and Jay have learned what it takes to be successful in sports, and they want to share these lessons of leadership to empower children to take on the role of Captain in their own lives, with their peer groups, and in their communities. “Valuable life lessons can be drawn from each trial and tribulation in a sporting career -- sport stories are metaphors for real life situations, without real life consequences”, says Ashleigh. “So we were able to build on our leadership skills by recognizing things our coaches said or did that worked well for us, and watching our own strategies rub off on our teammates to help them succeed.” Jay and Ashleigh have been working with Kw’umut Lelum to make sure that Cultivating Captains will not only reflect their own life experiences, but will also incorporate the unique traditions and values of aboriginal cultures on Vancouver Island. They are hoping that children participating in these workshops will leave feeling empowered and inspired to take some initiative within their peer groups, sports teams and family environments to help each other pursue passions and achieve goals through strong leadership.

For more information on the Cultivating Captains Workshops click here

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