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Le'lumilh Caregiving Program


The purpose of Lel'umilh is to assist in a smooth transition for children or youth and caregivers to provide continuity, consistency and permanency in a family setting.


Caring for our children is paramount to Kw'umut Lelum as a whole and to persons who open their heart and home.The Le'lumilh Program provides training and support to persons interesting in becoming caregivers to children or youth who are, for various reasons, unable to remain at home.


Once approved, caregivers are responsible for the daily nurturing or, otherwise, parenting of a child or youth who is in custody of Kw'umut Lelum, either by court order or under an agreement with the child(s) own parent(s).


If you think you are up to the challenges and rich rewards of caring for kids who need your love and support please call us and ask to speak with a Kw'umut Lelum Resource Social Worker. 

Who can become a caregiver?


Kw'umut Lelum is looking for loving caregivers willing and able to provide a loving, stable and nurturing home for a child in care.  Are you are 19 or older, responsible and want to make a difference in the life of a child or youth in care?  If so please complete our: Caregiver Application or call: (250) 591 - 0933.


Fostering Basics


B.C. Federation of Foster Parent Association’s videos listings on YouTube are 4-10 minute clips on various topics unique to fostering including: documentation, supervising media use, cultural diversity, understanding your contract and self-care to name a few.  Check them out: BCFFPA Videos


Collaborative Caregiver Focus Group is made up of KL Caregivers and KL Staff who share in the spirit of Nautsa’mawt Shqualuan (Working Together with One Mind).  The group which meets monthly was formed in March 2014 to improve the quality of care for children and youth.  Topics have included:

  • How to best to introduce and promote new programs together

  • How to improve commununications using KL's Website and other avenues

  • How to improve cultural connections for children in care

  • How in improve caregiver reporting 

  • How to build efficiencies in planning for children in care

  • How to improve communication with each other

The group currently includes eight caregivers and we are currently looking to expand the group by two-three members. 


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