Intake Program


Intake provides broad assessment and planning services for children and families. They determine appropriate services under the Child and Family Service Act  and assess whether children are in need of protection.


Some concerns include: possible abuse or neglect; parents who, for reasons of health, mental health, intellectual capacity or poverty are unable to care for their children; youth who are in conflict with their parents or caretakers; children or youth who may be a danger to themselves or others; and youth whose special care needs are beyond the resources of their families.


The goal of the Intake Program is to intervene as necessary, stabilize the presenting crisis and refer children and families to appropriate internal and external services including appropriate authority for ongoing service and support.


The intake worker takes great effort in facilitating and advocating for any of our 9 member Nations and works together with all necessary parties including families, schools, police and agencies to establish a plan that ensures the safety and well-being of the child.


The Intake Programs three primary functions are designed to offer support involving the following:



  1. Respond to member inquiries for service: Kwumut Lelum may provide direct services or refer a member to suitable services that may meet their need for services. (This role often involves advice, information sharing, or guidence to children, youth, or parents who call or drop-on to Kwumut Lelum)

  2. Provide assistance to parents or families who are involved in a legal application made by the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD). (Although Intake Workers are not lawyers and cannot represent a family member in court, they may provide parents and families with a greater voice with Ministry social workers)

  3. Assist MCFD social workers in investigating child protection reports made within anyone of the nine FN communities served by KL.Please feel free to contact our intake workers regarding this service and how we can assist you.

Children, Culture, Community


All Kw'umut Lelum programs and services place children in the centre of their culture and community by drawing on cultural experts, elders and community leaders to activey participate in program planning and delivery.


Kw'umut Lelum programs are rich with Coast Salish language, tradition and teachings.