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Four Seasons Cultural Program (4S)


A Brief History

The Four Season’s Cultural Program was born from an identified need for our youth in care to feel a sense of belonging and ownership of their inherent birth rights. 


Past cultural programming at Kw’umut Lelum has included events such as participation in Tribal Journey, language classes, Family Camps, carving classes and visits to community events.  However, 4S creates programming in a more sustainable, fluid way that is tied to each child’s plan of care, and immersed in all determinants of life. 



Kw'umut Lelum will lead British Columbia in the promotion, development and enhancement of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity for our children and youth in care through seasonal cultural programming routed in the traditional teachings of Snuw’uy’ulh set in a contemporary context.



To facilitate opportunities for Kw’umut Lelum youth, aged 12- 18 to immerse themselves in a challenging, educational and cultural journey integrating the “two worlds” facilitated by staff, contractors and volunteers of Kwumut Lelum Child and Family Services. 


Program Goals and Objectives

  • To create a cultural plan sustainable throughout the four seasons and immersed in each child’s comprehensive plan of care. 

  • To develop programming honest and true to Coast Salish traditions and culture. 

  • To incorporate various types of learning into the program facilitation to promote optimal learning and retention of information. 

  • To foster ownership (buy in) of this program by Kw’umut Lelum Children and families. 

  • To implement activities supporting the four key identified themes of Coast Salish culture, one for each season. 

Spring: Season for Ceremony

Key Teaching: Honouring Others

Key Event: Cultural Camp

Months: April- June

Activities: Age out and coming of age ceremonies, blanketing, cleansing, brushing off,


Summer: Season for Adventure

Key Teaching: Respecting the Water

Key Event: Tribal Journey

Months: July- September

Activities:  Water safety, canoe landing and departure protocol, cultural bathing, collecting berries, fishing


Autumn: Season for Harvesting

Key Teaching: Respecting Food Sources

Key Event: Foster Parent Appreciation

Months: October- December

Activities: Smoke house, food storage, sharing and distributing food items, and oral traditions and myths. 


Winter: Season for Creating

Key Teaching: Uy’schqalawin

Key Event: Arts and Crafts

Months: January- March

Activities: Knitting, regalia, cedar weaving, songs, drumming, and Mask Dance and Long House events. 

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