Child Safety & Collaborative Family Planning

Communication. Sharing. Connecting.


Collaborative Planning can include both Family Group Conferencing or Traditional Decision Making Process for children and/or youth who have come to the attention of Child Protection.  


The process is inclusive of the child’s immediate family, extended family and members of the child’s community.  


The parties come together to develop a plan for the child(ren). The process promotes cooperative planning and decision-making and assists in building a family’s support network. 


The Family Group Conference or Traditional Decision Making Process:


  • Includes the child’s family, extended family and their community in decisions concerning child welfare issues.

  • Assists in identifying out of care placements, planning for permanency and reunification of a child with family.

  • Provides a non-adversarial alternative to the Court.

  • Supports cooperative planning and the development and implementation of a plan to keep a child safe.

  • Gives families the right to decline the conference in favour of other processes.

Family Circle Planning


Kw’umut Lelum provides Family Circle Planning to ensure that all individuals and/or family members are included when issues of concern arise for the safety and/or well-being of either a child in care or as part of an child safety intervention.   


The Family Circle Planner organizes and facilitates Circle Conferences at any stage of a child safety assessment process, voluntary family service or permanency planning process with a child or family.