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Le’lumilh- Looking After Children


Currently, Kw’umut Lelum has guardianship for over 70 children in care. Each of these children holds or is entitled to hold membership in one of the nine First Nations served by the agency. This also means that these children have relatives and ties to these local         communities; these connections must be maintained.


At Kw’umut Lelum, we recognize that all the parents we work with are loving ones, and that they want to provide the best care possible for their children. But at times this is not possible without support.  


Le’lumilh has always been our way as community members. It is the tradition of lending support to our extended families, by contributing to the guidance and care for our children when needed.


We always need more caregivers! There are many different ways you can care for a child or youth—short term or long term, during an emergency or even just for one  weekend a month.


Anyone who is 19 years or older, who wants to share their home, is committed to working with the agency and the child’s home community and birth family can register. Your financial status will not impact your ability to support a child—you will receive money every month to help cover costs for each child.


10 reasons why you should become a foster parent:


  1. To provide a safe and nurturing environment

  2. Help fill a need

  3. Support a family

  4. Share teachings, beliefs and culture

  5. Role model positive parenting

  6. Rewarding career

  7. Making a difference in a child's life 

  8. Provide love to a child

  9. Build positive relationships with children, family and community

  10. Personal growth and giving back


KL Caregiver Report:


Current Kw'umut Lelum Caregivers are asked to provide reports to the child/youth's guardianship social worker. It helps create solid plans for children and youth!


KL's easy to use "fillable"* reports can be downloaded by clicking:

Child in Care Monthly Report form


*Mobile & Ipad/Tablet users please note:

In order to access the fillable field options within the above pdf on mobile devises and Ipad/Tablets you must down load the Adobe Acrobat App (free) and open the pdf in that specific application.



During the application process you can expect:


  • Complete an intake with a Le’lumilh worker

  • Complete an application package together

  • Provide 3 references and a medical report

  • Complete a criminal record check

  • Attend a pre-service orientation

  • Participate in talks with a Le’lumilh worker, along with other members living in your home.


To start your application process today please go to our Application page or for more information call 250-591-0933 and ask to speak with one of Kw'umut Lelum's Resource Social Workers


Guidelines for Reporting Critical Incidents/Reportable Circumstance


1) Verbally report as soon as possible  to a social worker or

 After Hours (outside office hours) – 1.800.663.9122


2) Document the incident on an incident form. Document:


 WHO was present

 WHAT precautions did you take

 WHAT was your follow-up

 WHAT was said, done and by whom

 WHEN did it happen?


3) Submit to a social worker.





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